Biogas- very simple

Bionova Biogas GmbH is a biotechnological research and consulting company.

Biogas-Very simple
Our Hydrolysis is working!

ESF Funding

For the further development and market introduction of the semi aerobic hydrolysis process, Bionova Biogas GmbH is supported under the program „Brandenburger Innovationskräfte (BIF)“ funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the federal state Brandenburg.

Current issues

In November 2015, rice straw tests for biogas production have started.

The project is funded and supported by the federal state Brandenburg within the programme "Brandenburgischer Innovationsgutschein (BIG)" .

Suitability and an optimal operation mode for rice straw used inside the Bionova Biogas GmbH semi aerobic hydrolys process are tested.

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